Science, fantasy and everything in between – A Terry Pratchett world

As timing would have it, I had just finished the Science of Discworld II when I heard that Terry Pratchett had passed away. Pratchett gave us the fantasy series Discworld, a science fantasy world based on quantum theory in Long Earth and Good Omens, a memorable novel written in collaboration with Neil Gaiman. If thatContinue reading “Science, fantasy and everything in between – A Terry Pratchett world”

Let’s talk about communicating science

On March 18, Professor Ian Chubb (Chief Scientist of Australia since 2011) addressed the National Press Club as part of a two day ‘Science Meets Parliament‘ event. The group that runs this event (Science and Technology Australia) have three very specific aims: to encourage scientific dialogue between industry, government, and the science and technology community, toContinue reading “Let’s talk about communicating science”

It’s all in the story

Have you ever reached the middle of a joke and realised that you’re missing some important information? It happens to everyone (truly, it does) but at the time it’s disheartening. You’ve lost your key message and the attention of your audience.  Stories are integral to a brand: they promote connection with your audience and theyContinue reading “It’s all in the story”

do you have your towel?

According to Douglas Adams (in his best known work ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ at least) a person who knows where their towel is, is a person in control of any situation. If we proceed by this logic, and extrapolate this metaphor ever so slightly in applying it to our mundane world, it might beContinue reading “do you have your towel?”