Non-Western and indigenous knowledges in science communication

Existing accounts of science communication history are largely Eurocentric and Western. Orthia argues that science communication should foster diverse expertise and develop deeper cross-cultural connections.

Gamers help quantum physicists in massive citizen science experiment

More than half a million levels of a video game have provided random data for a global study testing the laws of quantum physics. The Quantum Technology lab at the University of Queensland and ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS) was one of 12 laboratories from five continents to participate in the Big Bell Test, coordinated by the Institute ofContinue reading “Gamers help quantum physicists in massive citizen science experiment”

Science art: Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor is a visual artist who works in her Lighthouse Studio on the Otago Peninsula. She recently paired up with her daughter, Petra Fersterer – a particle physicist, to create a visual expression of Petra’s research, which looks at trapping ultra-cold atoms. “Atoms are constantly moving, which makes them difficult to observe. To even attemptContinue reading “Science art: Lynn Taylor”